Can You Name All of the Countries in the World?

A while back my brother introduced me to Sporcle.  Now for those of you who have never heard of Sporcle, boy are you in for a treat! is a free, online collection of thousands of quizzes.  While you can spend (and often waste) your time showing off your skills in naming all of the NFL teams or brushing up on your Disney movies, you can also use the website for educational study purposes.  Recently I have developed a slight obsession with the Geography section.  I am determined, and in fact it is one of my New Year’s Resolutions, to be able to name every country in the world.  So far I can successfully name all of the countries in North America, South America, Europe and Asia.  I am currently learning the 53 countries of Africa, but it is proving to be much more difficult.  Even though Europe and Asia have almost 50 countries each, they ended up being easier for me since I have traveled to many countries within those continents, so overall I feel more familiar with those two regions.  Unfortunately, I have not yet had the pleasure of visiting any of the countries in Africa, and to be honest, it is the continent I am the most unfamiliar with.

I personally have found that the Geography section at is a great learning tool.  Not only do I get to learn all of the countries, but I also learn their exact location in the world.  This is of course extremely interesting to me because of my interest in all things related to culture.  But there are several other benefits as well.  It is extremely helpful as a reference when you hear a news story about a certain country because now I can visualize the location in my head.  This also came in handy when I was watching a recent episode of Extreme Home Makeover Edition, where there was a family from Kosovo, a country I now know is in South Eastern Europe.  Plus when you meet a new person from a lesser known country, you no longer have to awkwardly say, “Oh where is that country?  I’ve never heard of it before!”

Not to mention, it can increase your trivia knowledge.  For me, it recently came in handy during a Trivial Pursuit game.  Question: “What country is located directly north of Latvia?” – Answer: “Estonia of course!”

Just try it!  I bet you too will soon become addicted to Sporcle!  Plus, if you use the site wisely, you can also increase your cultural awareness!

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1 comment to Can You Name All of the Countries in the World?

  • Keenan

    Oi, in any given lecture at university I can look at all the laptop screens in front of me, and without a doubt someone will be “sporcling” amongst the sea of facebook pages.

    My friend who is taking geography/poli sci can successfully name all 195 or so countries along with each and every one of their capitals, a feat which he has accomplished thanks to Sporcle.

    Sporcle has replaced making food/ cleaning for university students who need to procrastinate writing their papers, but still need to feel as though they are being productive. Knowing trivia, while most of it being quite “trivial” has certainly helped me out when my profs mention the issues taking place in Burkina Faso or Lesotho, two countries I would have very little knowledge of if it weren’t for Sporcle.

    Certainly my current favourite website as well.