Benefits of Cultural Intelligence

As I mentioned in my previous post, improving your CQ is extremely beneficial for a wide range of people.  Except, what are these benefits you ask?

Since cultural intelligence is an individual capability that determines one’s effectiveness in cross-cultural situations, the most obvious benefit of enhancing your CQ would be that you will now be more effective in situations characterized by cultural diversity.  This in itself is a benefit, but if you look deeper you’ll realize just how advantageous this truly is.

As a result of increasing your cultural intelligence you will experience improved cross-cultural communication, relationship building and better conflict resolution.  As well as, enhanced teamwork, leadership, negotiation and decision making skills.

Increasing your CQ enhances your sensitivity to cultural differences, which consequently reduces your use of overly simplistic stereotypes.  This is through a better appreciation and understanding of cultural differences.  A high CQ also helps to reduce cultural misunderstandings.

Not only does a heightened CQ increase your individual effectiveness in a cross-cultural setting, it also increases overall organizational effectiveness.  Think about it, if you as an individual are now more effective in cross-cultural settings and have a heightened job performance as a result of improving your CQ, this should also improve productivity.

Finally, now that you are better able to interact with people from various cultures, it would only make sense that you would be able to adjust quicker in diverse cultural situations.  Plus, expatriate assignments are much more successful for those with a high CQ.

Remember that being more effective during interactions with people from other cultures is not specifically limited to individuals from different countries.  It also encompasses organizational and social cultures, which would include various genders, ages, social classes, professions and departments.  As well as, people from various regions within any given country.

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