Awareness is crucial to cultural intelligence.

When my boyfriend was brainstorming names for my website, ‘CQaware’ was one of many ideas.  I thought the name had a nice ring to it and for the next several days it kept showing up in my mind.  Then one day it clicked – I finally realized how perfectly the name fit.  I had to have it.

You see everything about cultural intelligence is tied back to awareness.  In fact the first step in improving your CQ is awareness of your current measure of cultural intelligence.   You must also be…

  • Aware of your level of CQ and the level of those around you
  • Aware of how your actions and thought processes can influence a cross-cultural situation
  • Aware of how cultures are similar and different (through awareness of cultural norms, economic systems, non-verbal behaviours, etc.)

The name ‘CQaware’ was also a good fit because I, Quinn MacDonald, am aware of cultural intelligence.  I understand what it is and how crucial it is to our everyday life.  Plus, in writing this blog, I hope to increase other people’s awareness of cultural intelligence.

We must keep in mind that the most significant step in improving your CQ is being aware of your current measure of cultural intelligence.  This is calculated by completing a self-assessment.  On that note…

I am actually in Washington, DC right now to attend a CQ Train-the-Trainer Level 1 Certification.  Here I will become certified to use the only academically validated CQ 360 assessment.  This multi-rater assessment is the most effective way to measure an individual’s CQ score.  The training and certification is being facilitated by David Livermore, PhD.  He is a Sr. Research Consultant with the Cultural Intelligence Center, LLC in East Lansing, Michigan as well as a visiting research fellow at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore.  Dave has written several books on cultural intelligence, his most recent being Leading with Cultural Intelligence.

I am very excited to not only finally meet Dave in person, but to also meet the other participants who have a mutual interest in CQ.  I think this is an excellent step forward in gaining awareness of CQ and I hope that together we can bring cultural intelligence to the forefront of the business world.  I am thrilled for the opportunity to take part in this certification and am excited for the interesting conversations and friendships that will ensue.

On my next post I will let you know how the conference went and share more about the CQ 360 assessment.

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