‘Treat others the way you want to be treated.’ …But wait, I don’t want to be treated like that!?!

Recently I had dinner with a co-worker of my uncle’s.  He thought it would be beneficial for us to meet (ahem* Never Eat Alone).  She could give me advice on a consulting career and we both had a mutual interest in cultural intelligence.  Two and a half hours later, it is safe to say that the meeting was very helpful, engaging and thought provoking.  Our conversation focused on cultural interactions and how cultural misunderstandings can severely interfere with business relations.

There was one particular comment she made that has continued to stand out in . . .
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Level 1 CQ Certification – Part II: The Multi-Rater Assessment

The Multi-Rater Assessment is the only academically validated CQ 360° assessment and as such is the most effective way to measure an individual’s cultural intelligence quotient.

Let me start off by saying that I have used the 20-Item Four Factor Cultural Intelligence Scale as a self assessment before, but this was my first time using the Multi-Rater Assessment.  I have to say, the Multi-Rater Assessment is a vast improvement from the 20-item scale because it gives a more accurate description of your CQ.  Another benefit is that it provides a detailed 21 page feedback . . .
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Level 1 CQ Certification – Part I: Overview

I am back from Washington DC where I completed the Level 1 CQ Train-the-Trainer Certification.  The certification was skilfully facilitated by David Livermore, PhD, who works at The Cultural Intelligence Center, LLC at Michigan State University.  As promised, here is how it went…

The certification was an intimate gathering that allowed for ample discussion and group interaction.  There were eighteen of us, from all different walks of life.  It was fascinating to see how many people know that CQ is important and beneficial to their respective profession.  There were many fields represented: academia, education, . . .
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Awareness is crucial to cultural intelligence.

When my boyfriend was brainstorming names for my website, ‘CQaware’ was one of many ideas.  I thought the name had a nice ring to it and for the next several days it kept showing up in my mind.  Then one day it clicked – I finally realized how perfectly the name fit.  I had to have it.

You see everything about cultural intelligence is tied back to awareness.  In fact the first step in improving your CQ is awareness of your current measure of cultural intelligence.   You must . . .
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Benefits of Cultural Intelligence

As I mentioned in my previous post, improving your CQ is extremely beneficial for a wide range of people.  Except, what are these benefits you ask?

Since cultural intelligence is an individual capability that determines one’s effectiveness in cross-cultural situations, the most obvious benefit of enhancing your CQ would be that you will now be more effective in situations characterized by cultural diversity.  This in itself is a benefit, but if you look deeper you’ll realize just how advantageous this truly is.

As a result of increasing your cultural intelligence you will . . .
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