An Introduction…

My motivation for this website is to gain awareness of Cultural Intelligence (CQ).  I truly believe that the field of cultural understanding is the key to developing and maintaining strong effective global relationships.  During the past decade, the focus on CQ has been primarily research based and has only recently started to become more known in a business setting.  I want to stress the importance of Cultural Intelligence in not only the business world, but also in one’s personal life.  Most of all, I want to demonstrate the benefits of a highly adept Cultural Intelligence in daily life.

So…What is Cultural Intelligence?

Cultural Intelligence (CQ) is “a person’s capability to function effectively in situations characterized by cultural diversity.”

Cultural Intelligence is the newest type of ‘Intelligence’ that has recently gained awareness in the business world.  CQ differs from IQ and EQ because it is a critical capability that enhances an individual’s success in cross-cultural settings.  However, as opposed to an individual’s static IQ, CQ is a capability that can grow and develop over time.  Cultural Intelligence is extremely beneficial as it provides insights into how individuals are able to handle interacting in cross-cultural situations.  Enhancing one’s CQ is critical for people who interact with multicultural co-workers, managers, trade partners and clients.  It is also important for increasing the organizational effectiveness of multicultural teams within domestic settings.

CQ is made up of four factors that together contribute to one’s overall Cultural Intelligence.  The four factors are: CQ-Strategy, CQ-Knowledge, CQ-Motivation, and CQ-Behaviour.

For a more detailed description of Cultural Intelligence and the four factors of CQ, please visit:
What is Cultural Intelligence (CQ)?

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